Standard Service  Fee 
Dealership Management System Setup  $25,000
Dealership Management System Standard License  $150 per month 
Accounting Module License  $350 per month 
1 User License  $125 per month 
Options/Addons Fee
1 Manager User License (Optional) $200 per month 
1 Accounting Module User License (User or Manager License Required) (Optional)  $75 per month 
Web site setup and construction (Optional)  $2500 
Quickbooks Integration Setup (Optional)  $2500 
Quickbooks Integration Maintenance (Optional)  $75 
Dealership Website and Website Management Module Per Location (Optional) $350 per month
Dealership Marketing Module Setup (Optional) $300 
Dealership Marketing Module License (Optional) $150 per month 
Pay Per Click Campaign Management Fee  (Optional) $1200 per month 
SEO Campaign Management Fee  (Optional) $1200 per month 
1 Day On Site Training  (Optional) $1500 plus travel and accommodation costs 
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